Darda Car Buyers' Guide
Results of the Competition Speedway Race-Off to find the fastest car
Once again the new mouse blows away the competition and wins the honor of the fastest Darda Car currently available.
Ultra-speed cars
Time Trial Results

1st Place: Motor-Mouse
2nd Place: Rally Cat
3rd Place: McLaren F1
4th Place: Porsche Boxster
5th Place: F1 type 2 (ultra-speed)*
6th Place: F1 type 1 (ultra-speed)
7th Place: BMW Z3
8th Place: '97 Corvette
9th Place: New Porsche 911
10th Place: Mercedes SLK

* only available in Europe.

I used these results to pic the final cars to race for top spot. You can get an idea which are faster. Over 50 Different types tested! The Fastest car for each type were chosen for the final Top ten race!

I added an extra loop to both sides of the Competition speedway for these results. It is an average speed for the race. In the future I might test on straight track so I can get results for the Fire Engine and other Trucks that would not make this course.

Race-Off results in Chart Form - 66k file

Die-cast Cars
1st Place: Turbo
2nd Place: Formula 1
3rd Place: Corvette/Police
4th Place: Mercedes 500 sec police
The big surprise here is the Porsche Boxter car putting on a good show and beating out the Ultra-Speed F1 cars. And how about the McLaren F1 being the "car" to beat? The new black McLaren in the dual pack stole the spot of fastest non-novelty car. Litterally Powering over the Boxter, Z3, and Ultra F1's. The race head to head for top spot with the Boxter was heated. It is an interesting phenomenon to see such a close race with the Start & Win Box. What happens when both cars hit the finish at once is action packed! The car with the most power sends the other crashing backwards. Or they both smash into the finish and it is a bone crushing tie. Now matter the result a close race is eventfull. The McLaren sure earned the spot though. But thats not putting down the Porsche Boxter either! The '97 Corvette showed lot of heart too beating out some cars that were shown to be faster in time trials.  
All the top cars are great cars but, if you can only buy one get the Porsche Boxter, or maybe the BMW Z3. The '97 corvette holds down the track real nicely too. I am not a McLaren F1 fan but the car sure surprised me, just hope you can find a color you like; the black one was real nice.

I am not sure I like the Competition Speedway set there aren't many loops and the cars had a little trouble staying on the track (the cars it came with work fine). I would get another and get the Start & win box separately.

The police variants of cars you can assume the non police variants should go as fast if not faster but it really depends on how good the motor is in the car you get. Many of the cars I put the same replacement motor in to get more reliable results.