Darda USA Factory Sale
 Day 1 - Thursday, Dec. 7th

I arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on the evening of wednesday December 6, 2000. The flight from California took just under 6 hours total flight time. The Darda factory sale was December 7th and 8th (4-8pm), and December 9th (10am-4pm). The three days I was planning to be there! As it turns out the sale is only the first two weekends in December (Thursday,Friday, and Saturday).

The Life-like Factory is an old building made of large irregular gray bricks (similar to a castle), right next to a Pepsi plant on Union Ave. a little north of Downtown Baltimore. It even looked like something that would have come out of Germany. I arrived just before 4pm, there was a line of about 8 people outside, which grew to about 13 by the time the doors actually were opened.

We all rushed up a tight twisting wooden staircase, the boards sagging a little with age. Up one floor to the werehouse area. Lined with large boxes a clearing about 30 feet by 70 feet had tables set up all with the Life-like products out on display, a little like a toy show.

I saw Darda cars, tracks and accessories. Life-like racing slot-cars, and tracks. Life-like train sets (locomotives, and cars, and accessories). Foam products, large gliders, wacky noodles, coolers etc.

Of course I made right for the darda cars. As it turned out I was the only one looking for darda cars there (good for me). There were 3 boxes of cars, one large one with loose cars piled in, the other 2 with packaged cars (moslty new cars not too exciting).

The large one with loose cars was the gold mine of the sale for me. I found 17 cars I did not have, 10 of which, were ones we didn't yet have on the site. I came back with:

70 cars (mostly loose), 3 track sets, 12 US service men, and 1 accessory.

A good haul in my book. A little better than I thought it would be. As it turns out, there have been less and less older cars each year. I wish I could have been there for previous years!


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