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 About the Darda Collectors' Network
This website was started in July 1999, after I had the good fortune of meeting Karl-Joachim Lohkamp through email. I discovered he had learned much information about Darda cars, and had created a numbering system for the different cars. It is his numbering system and Excel Darda catalog that this website is based on. His collection is the Largest of the Darda Collectors Network, over 470 cars - although he does tell me of one larger collection of a german collector (over 500).

Karl suggested that we create a sort of Darda Collectors' Network, at the time I had a small personal website about Darda Cars. I then started work on what is now the Darda Collectors' Network. Thanks to Karl's great pictures and vast collection the website has the great information that makes it what it is.

And many of the other collectors have helped us find new cars and better information about Darda.


Jason Neel - webmaster.

 Why did I make this Website?
I created this page because I could not find much at all about Darda on the internet and Darda cars are my favorite toy from my childhood. I wish I would have kept some of the cars I used to have, since I am collecting them now. And I hoped that through this page I might find some contacts that would lead me to some of the discontinued Darda cars that you can't find anymore.

We don't make any money through this website. We just love Darda cars and are happy to make trades.

Jason Neel - Sunnyvale, California USA

 How do I find old Darda Cars?
The best way to find them is www.ebay.com search for "darda" This is a great way to find them I have found this is really the only way to find them on the internet. I have been searching for a while. You might also try some toy shows I have found some there. Or second hand toy stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army do not seem to have them.