The Darda Mega-Motor
Motor Features:
  • German Design and Engineering
  • Precision Clutch-motor can't be overwound
  • Brass Gears and Bearings-24 moving parts
  • Simple back and forth motion energizes the motor
  • Patented Design
U.S. Patents: 3,312,933; 3,812,933 ; 4,053,029 ; 4,832,156.
*note: the Sonic Spiral motor is virtually the same thing
 How to wind the Darda Car:
  • 1. Push down the chasis until you hear a click.
  • 2. Roll the car back and forth until the clicking gets louder, then stop.
  • 3. Your car is now wound up and ready to race. (the precision clutch stops the motor from being over wound!)
 Replacement Motors:
Replacement motors are available if you run your darda car off road a little too much and it becomes sluggish.

$4.50 for standard motor and $5.00 for stop 'n' go motor.

*if you think your favorite darda car is on it's last leg don't throw it away, buy a new motor and give it another thousand scale miles.