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 New German Darda Cars available on  11/13/2015  
by: Jason
Some of the new german Darda cars are now available on  
 New German Types!  9/20/2015  
by: Jason
Added the two new german darda car types to the site today:

The Porsche 918 Spider Cabriolet, white (50344-070), and silver (50345-060).
The Porsche Boxster Type 981 Cabriolet, silver (50346-060), and light brown metallic (50347-080).

With removable soft tops.
 New German Cars for 2015.  7/21/2015  
by: Jason
The German Darda distributer has listed some new car releases for 2015 that can be seen on their website at, A Porsche 918 Spider car, and Porsche Boxster Type 981 Cabriolet. Which each might have 2 variants, or perhaps removable convertible tops.  
 Darda toy manufacturing license no longer licensed in US, only Germany.  7/20/2015  
by: Jason
On the Schylling toy website, there is no longer darda cars listed. So it appears that a US manufacturer no longer has darda distribution as of 2015 or so, and is soley sold through imports from the german Darda Corporation.  
 New BMW Z3.  1/21/2015  
by: Jason
Added a new red BMW Z3 (1773-042) to the site today. An interesting informational tidbit, this car appears to be made of a different plastic no longer using the high grade football helmet plastic, a more normal poly plastic. Perhaps might have to add a second type of plastic to the car database.  
 New 2014-15 Darda US releases.  1/21/2015  
by: Jason
Simm Marketing Gmbh, apparantly has found a distributer to distrubute cars in america for 2015. A search on for darda, you can see about 6 cars that have the simm packaging for purchase in 2015.

The Austin Mini Ultra-Speed (50380-000).
The Audi R8 (50373-060).
The Ferrari F50 (1616-042).
The Mercedes SLS AMG red (50374-040), white (50374-070) car.
The red BMW Z3 (1773-042).
The blue HP Formula 1 Ultra-speed Type 2 (1631-001), and red (1617-043).
 New Picture of the white Tornado (1608-473)  1/12/2015  
by: Jason
Added a new picture of the white Tornado (1608-473) to the site today, with hi-res version of picture!  
 New Formula 1 Utra-speed Type 2! And new Darda US release!  7/1/2014  
by: Jason
New Formula 1 Ultra-speed Type 2 (1617-043).  
 New Darda USA releases with the german packaging!  6/6/2014  
by: Jason
My local toy store in Austin, TX had some new darda cars! The new Mini Austin Mini Ultra-Speed, Ferrari F50, Formula 1 Ultra-speed Type 2 .  
 New Porsche 911 Closed Top.  5/27/2013  
by: Jason
Added a new Porsche 911 Closed Top (1668-085) to the site.