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 Added the 3 new Darda DTM car types for 2015.  5/18/2016  
by: Jason
Added the 3 new DTM car types released in 2015. Audi RS 5 DTM, Mercedes AMG C-Coupe DTM, BMW M4 DTM these have new body mold styles from previous years hence the new types.  
 Confirmed that new cabriot cars, actually have removable tops.  4/9/2016  
by: Jason
After purchasing the new german cars, I confirmed physically that there are not indivudual types released as soft top and no soft like the buggies for the new Porsche Boxster, and Porsche 918 Spider cars.  
 Detail Picture of the Porsche 918 Spider Cabriolet.  12/27/2015  
by: Jason
And here is a detail picture of the Porsche 918 Spider Cabriolet, to load up the dream…the… "Awesome!"  
 New 2015 Darda Packaging.  12/26/2015  
by: Jason
Added a new picture of the 2015 Darda packaging. An Interesting theft deterent built in to the packaging, the packaging sort of unfolds/unravels, and the car is afixed with a clear rubberband to be removed last from the bottom of the plastic.

Also The Porsche 918 Spider Cabriolet seems to have been released as a convertible and a soft top version.
 New German Darda Cars available on  11/13/2015  
by: Jason
Some of the new german Darda cars are now available on  
 New German Types!  9/20/2015  
by: Jason
Added the two new german darda car types to the site today:

The Porsche 918 Spider Cabriolet, white (50344-070), and silver (50345-060).
The Porsche Boxster Type 981 Cabriolet, silver (50346-060), and light brown metallic (50347-080).

With removable soft tops.
 New German Cars for 2015.  7/21/2015  
by: Jason
The German Darda distributer has listed some new car releases for 2015 that can be seen on their website at, A Porsche 918 Spider car, and Porsche Boxster Type 981 Cabriolet. Which each might have 2 variants, or perhaps removable convertible tops.  
 Darda toy manufacturing license no longer licensed in US, only Germany.  7/20/2015  
by: Jason
On the Schylling toy website, there is no longer darda cars listed. So it appears that a US manufacturer no longer has darda distribution as of 2015 or so, and is soley sold through imports from the german Darda Corporation.  
 New 2014-15 Darda US releases.  1/21/2015  
by: Jason
Simm Marketing Gmbh, apparantly has found a distributer to distrubute cars in america for 2015. A search on for darda, you can see about 6 cars that have the simm packaging for purchase in 2015.

The Austin Mini Ultra-Speed (50380-000).
The Audi R8 (50373-060).
The Ferrari F50 (1616-042).
The Mercedes SLS AMG red (50374-040), white (50374-070) car.
The red BMW Z3 (1773-042).
The blue HP Formula 1 Ultra-speed Type 2 (1631-001), and red (1617-043).
 New BMW Z3.  1/21/2015  
by: Jason
Added a new red BMW Z3 (1773-042) to the site today. An interesting informational tidbit, this car appears to be made of a different plastic no longer using the high grade football helmet plastic, a more normal poly plastic. Perhaps might have to add a second type of plastic to the car database.