Identifying Older Cars

The first thing to look for is the packaging. The 5 types of US packaging are as follows:

Cardboard "Card"
"Hotwheels" type Card
Plastic encased Card
Rounded Plastic encased Card (edges crimped)

If the Darda Car is in a Box usually gray, it is almost for sure made in Germany.

Cardboard "Card":
When they were called Darda Demons they were packaged like this, and will also be made in Germany.

"Hotwheels" type Card
Darda Demons also came in this Hotwheels like packaging. It appears to have a different numbering system than the above packaging. Also made in Germany.

Plastic encased Card:
This type of packaging has more square corners than rounded on the cardboard inside the packaging. The edge of the plastic is NOT crimped and also has more square corners. (The best thing to do is to look at the edges of the packaging). There is also a very good chance it will have been made in Germany.

Rounded Plastic encased Card:
This is the modern packaging that Darda cars come in today. The cardboard has rounded corners, the plastic packaging has rounded corners (and is crimped) These are almost surely going to be made in China.


If there is no packaging with the car you can tell by the motor. There are 4 variants of motors.

Multi-colored motor
Rounded tooth motor
Sharp tooth motor
Modern Motor

Multi-colored motor:

This is the oldest motor. It usually has 3 colors in the motor and is the same design as the Rounded tooth motor. This Jeep has an example of a multi-colored motor. (Made in Germany)

Rounded tooth motor:
This motor has "rounded" teeth (or nobs) on the left side of the car. And is usaully yellow, red, or blue This Stratos car has an example of the Rounded tooth motor. (Made in Germany)

Sharp tooth motor:
This motor is red and has sharp "toothed" gears on the left side of car. The area around the teeth is also completely flat (no space taken out). This Stratos shows a sharped tooth motor. Mostly red and blue. Most likely (made in Germany)

Modern Motor:
This motor looks very similar to the Sharp toothed motor, but has space taken out around the "teeth", leaving the characteristic "circles" of the modern motor. This motor is either red or blue. This formula 1 car shows the modern motor. This Formula 1 Ultra-speed type 2 show a modern motor. ( Made in China)

The Lettering on the tires is another thing to look for.

1. The oldest German cars have no lettering at all on the tires.
2. Later the german released cars had "darda drom" or "stop-drom"
3. If the lettering is just "darda motor" on the rear it is going to be older than one that says "darda GS motor". And it will be made in Germany
4. The latest lettering is darda GS motor on the rear wheels and darda-motor on the front. For the Stop 'N Go Cars "darda stop motor" on the rear tire. Both cars made in Germany and US are labeled this way, one can not date a car with this lettering, you must look at the motor or packaging.
5. Even the newest Stop 'N Go motors are labeled "darda stop motor" You have to look at the motor and packaging to date a stop 'n go car.
 Other things to look for
Also look for dates molded into the die-cast body, but these are not always accurate.