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(I like the way they list their cars.)
(simm-marketing toys bought darda from Walthers last year (2009) Darda is now based again in Germany.)
(not many, but they do have some.)
(The new distributer of darda in the US new 2011 cars!)
(The old walthers site, might have some of their discontinued cars to sell.)

(look for small toy stores that also carry Brio toys.)

Only Toys
Home of - Memphis TN.

Learning Express
SF Bay Area - cars (cheapest place for cars)

Palo Alto Sports Shop and Toy World

Palo Alto, CA - USA

Mr. Mopps Toys
Berkeley, CA - USA

Adventure Toys and Teacher Supplies
Los Altos, CA - USA (the first to have the 2000 sets!)

Toy Go Round
Berkeley, CA - USA

Play it Again
Berkeley, CA - USA

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