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Official Darda Car Prototypes
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ICE Train Prototype
Mini-van Prototype
VW Bus Prototype
Motorcycle Prototype
Jeep Prototype
1st 4x4 mockup picture
4x4 Prototype page
Tank Prototype
2001 Darda Cars
2001 Darda Sets
orange-yellow McLaren F1
Fireball Climb
2000 US Darda Cars
2000 Darda Sets
New Car Packaging
New Ultra-speed F1
New Ultra-speed Twin Pack
Super Starter Speedway
Upside-Down Overpass
Competition Speedway
Police Action Stunt Set
2000 German Darda Cars
Miscellaneous Car Pics
Porsche 911 Police (Ultra-speed)
Tatoo and Tiger
Space and Tatoo - with lights
New die-cast VW Beetles
Buggy Kit (un-assembled)
Inner workings of Lighted car Picture 1
Inner workings of Lighted car Picture 2
Darda Motor Page
2012 German Darda Car Groups
2011 American Darda Cars
Austin Mini Ultra-Speed
Austin Mini Police
Porsche 911 GT3
Porsche 911 GT3 Police
maroon Ferrari F50
red striped Lamborghini Diablo
blue checkered McLaren F1
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Darda Speed Turbos
Picture 1 (Front of Factory)
Picture 2 (Side of Factory)
Speed Turbo
Bottom of car
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1983 US Darda Catalog Picture 1
1983 US Darda Catalog Picture 2