Playing Tips

1. Darda does not recommend that you run your cars on the carpet. (one reason is that carpet fuzz gets caught in the motor and jams the motor.

2. Remember that the die cast cars are going to be significantly slower than the plastic cars because of their weight.

 Best Ways to Play: Fort Crasher
The most fun I ever had playing with darda cars when I was younger was with blocks. After I had exhausted the possibilities of my Darda play set, I moved onto the drive way on which I had the following:
  • traditional wooden blocks
  • plastic army men 1/2" tall (or equivolent.)
  • die cast vehicles
  • Darda Cars!

I would spend hours building awesome little forts with the blocks (strongholds,bases, etc.) then attacking them with my Darda cars. I would crash the Darda Cars into the forts knocking, down men, upsiding gaurd vehicles and causing great destruction. Then I would build another fort and do it over again. I would build ramps and paths so that if the car hit it just right it would go through tunnels and come out the other side without causing any destruction.

*caution: playing with Darda Cars this way significantly shortens the lives of the cars. But I played for months this way.

The Darda race 'n' go case is okay but it doesn't carry too many cars, and it looks kind of funky. A nice way to collect your Darda cars is in some 'Tuff Tainer' plastic containers; you can find them at Home Depot, and Orchard Supply Hardware each container holds 12 cars and you can see the cars through the container. Home Depot has a 5 pack of various containers that includes 2 that will hold 12 cars each for @$7.00.

I now use plastic car cases that I have found at Walmart for my collection now. It is called a car garage. You can find it on the same isle as the toy cars. Holds 26-28 cars and opens from both sides; it has two spots for long cars. I hold my Volvo Intercoolers and my dragster in those spots. I use the Tuff tainers to hold duplicates and longer cars that don't fit in the "car garage" cars like the Ultra-speed F1 , Dump Truck , Fire Truck and others. has some really nice glass display cases. I had them make me a case for my collection.